Stage Gulch Goldens has a long history of amazing therapy dogs, giving our puppies the best chance to have outstanding temperaments. Our goal is to raise puppies who are confident, stable, resilient, and loving. Stage Gulch Golden puppies are raised in our home and beginning shortly after the puppies are born, we introduce Puppy Culture. One of our many processes we use in our Puppy Culture program is called Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS). ENS is implemented from days 3-16 which helps contribute to great improvements in their immune systems as well as stress tolerances. We provide an enriching environment which optimizes brain development as well as heavy socialization. The puppies are brought to our local church and sometimes even make it to nursing homes. During their stay at the ranch, the puppies are introduced to crate training and potty training. Together through these practices we have seen proven results and take pride in how our puppies grow and touch families lives.