Hello, my name is Shayla and I am the breeder. I grew up on this dairy farm in Sonoma Co. and have always loved the ranch life. I knew one day I would be back at the farm raising animals. What I didn’t know was that I would be raising puppies! I have always had golden retrievers growing up, but after I obtained my masters degree in speech-language pathology I knew I needed to get a dog and use him/her for therapy with my patients. That’s when I found Noam. The love of my life. He was beyond perfect in all ways. His temperament was one of a kind; he was docile and confident, loving and affectionate, so regal and my best friend! I started bringing Noam to the nursing home with me when he was four months old. My patient’s loved him, the nurses and physicians I worked with couldn’t stop raving about his temperament. I knew I had to breed him to preserve his legacy. That’s when I started seriously considering breeding and went to great lengths to research everything I needed to know about breeding.

Since beginning my breeding program I have made it my mission to use my dogs for therapy, whether that be at the hospital, in the nursing home or at church. My hope is to one day have all of my dogs help others in one way or another. It’s comforting knowing that they impact so many lives in a positive manner.

On my days off you can find me hanging with the dogs at the ranch, volunteering with the dogs at church or spending time with loved ones {and the dogs}!